Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Act II - The Economy

Cast: Hungry Class, Elite Class, Slaves, Salesmen

Scene I

Slaves: We made something.
Salesmen: Explain?
Slaves: We took nothing, worked really, really hard, and turned it into something.
Salesmen: Cool! Can i have it?
Slaves: We didn't make enough of it to share...
Salesmen: Can you make something more?
Slaves: Of course, but we don't need something more. We need something else.
Salesmen: You made something from nothing! What else do you need?
Slaves: We need safe & reliable shelter, food & water.
HC: Yeah food and water!
Salesmen: Ok. You give me something now, and i'll give you something else later.
Slaves: Sounds good. Here you go.
HC: About that food & water...

Scene 2

EC: I'm bored.
Salesmen: I have something for you.
EC: I don't want something, i want something new.
Salesmen: I have something new for you.
EC: Really? What is it?
Salesmen: It's really, really cool. You are gonna want it.
EC: Lemme see!
Salesmen: Its rare, and wonderful, and very new. Nobody else has anything like it.
EC: Ooooo! Tell me more!
Salesmen: Its expensive.
EC: So?
Salesmen: I'll show it to you, then you can bid on it.
EC: Ok.
Salesmen: Plus i get a commission.
EC: Whatever.
Salesmen: Here it is.
EC: Wow! That really is something new! I have to have it!
Salesmen: What's your bid?
EC: I bid one live salesmen.
Salesmen: Explain?
EC: You keep your life if you leave something new here.
Salesmen: Deal!
EC: I win!
Salesmen: I win!

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