Monday, July 20, 2009

Throwing Money at the Problem

Instead of just admitting that throwing money at national problems (like security, disaster relief, social injustice, environmental posioning, healthcare, etc.) doesn't work, rich people have endeavoured (through various irrational government initiatives and corporate magical thinking) to create a system whereby all problems are only discussed & evaluated in terms of monetary substantiation.
In such world, where money is the bottom line of all quantifiable entities (IE. The Primary Resource), the appropriating of more money towards a problem can actually be termed a success! How very convenient!

Inside the moneyed elite's mind:
Yeah, instead of trying to actually indentify the resources we have and admitting that some of them are completely intangible, lets just make up our own fantasy resource that has an unlimited supply and then make sure everything is re-defined in terms of it! WooHoo! That should work! Then we could solve all the worlds problems! Yeah, that's the ticket! Why just 2 decades ago, we only had a national value in the billions, and now our value is in the trillions! Amazing, we must be worth at least a million times what our parents were worth! Yeah that’s what it means! We are super valuable! So valuable, infact, that we don't have to actually do anything or manage anything or think anything, just write a check and the world is saved! How awesome are we? I'm not sure but its really freakin' awesome!

The idea that one can increase the balance sheet of any entity (individual, corporate, governement, bank, social program, school, hospital, etc.) in order to solve any problem is nothing more than 'self-fulfilling prophecy!'
The truth is, only people solve problems.

The elusive combination of ((proper critical thinking)+(meticulous management of resources)) x (calculated risk taking) = the only proven way to solve problems

Is this so tough to understand?

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