Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Decades of Mismanagement Finally Failed

The criminal mismanagement of America's resources has finally failed. Unsustainable growth and destructive/ridiculous management models are now proven to be useless fantasies. Let's just admit it and move on. 
We know that the educated morons who blew up our financial markets and stole our national resources can never properly manage a recovery. Lets just admit that too. These same criminal mismanagers have temporarily hobbled financial stability around the world and permanently stolen a portion of the global resources from our children. Giving more chances to people who have proven that their theories of resource management are invalid is quite literally, lunacy. Americans aren't lunatics. We are alot of things, but we are not stark raving mad. The path to continued failure is in front of us. The change we hoped for is still in the wind. 

Who is going to manage the incredibly ambitious programs of the so called progressives?
Who is going to oversee the resource management, procurement, planning, and problem solving that comes with these grand ideas of restructuring our financial, energy, infrastructure, health, defense, & manufacturing models?

Who among us is capable of (and willing to) managing the monetary expenditure outlined by any of these bailout/stimulus programs? Just the money going in and out and what it was spent on is nearly impossible to track. Recent history proves me right, Paulsen has no accounting of the first half of the bank bailout, the IRS has only a partial accounting of the stimulus from last year, nobody knows what AIG spent their buyout moneys on, etc. And thats JUST THE MONEY! Not the programs created, their effectiveness, the analysis, the people helped, the assets unfrozen, my god people, we can't even count the frickin money! Do you think that the new (and not so new) Congress people are super-geniuses who can do the impossible? They didn't even read the stimulus bill.....what a frickin joke! These people can't even manage to read the biggest expenditure bill ever passed in the history of our country, how in the hell are they going to manage the execution of it? They can't. Lets just admit it. This cannot be done. Seriously, we need to admit that this way of managing a country is not realistic, is not working, has never worked in history, and will lead to more suffering.

So, watch who gets control of the reins of these sectors of federal government that are tasked with managing our national resources. Look at their backgrounds. These people are not reformers who work towards systemic change and the greater good. For each legitimate reformer (sanders), there are about 20 actors posing as reformers (mccain, schumer, pelosi, rangel, dodd, boehner, jindal, feinstein, biden, lieberman, geithner, mcconnel, franks, clinton, holder, emmanuel, romney, frist, palin, gingrich, dean). Having a few good ideas and hiring someone else to pursue them is not going to reverse decades of the same. This is going to be just a continuation of failed philosophies.
I can't imagine that the people who have the ability and aptitude to make actual reform happen would want to or be able to interact with the system of criminal mismanagement we have fostered. They are personalities who would be diametrically opposed to the rationale of a central government saving the world. It is even possible that we have all been poisoned to the point where the right people to properly manage the recovery of America are not even in America! Is any of us capable of getting this done? I have serious doubts. 

For example: I know damn well that i couldn't oversee the restructuring of our country's energy situation. Even if i had all the power one would need to do it, i couldn't get it done. Plus, think about how much power that is, the power to direct substantive change in Americas energy programs. Think of the sensitive knowledge one would need to do it right, think about how long it would take to gather the data on our energy consumption and how much trust the society would have to put in me to have that information. Think about how much negative information you would have to absorb. Think about how many lies you would uncover. Think about how many people would want to keep you from uncovering the lies. Does anyone want me or anyone else having that much power, without some checks and balances? Can you say Enron? I knew you could....

At least we are having a conversation about some of the disastrous mismanagement of the last 3 decades, thank you Mr. Obama. I really do appreciate it, and i believe that this will be the only time in my life when the federal government will attempt to address the situation with some degree of transparency. Unfortunately, we are not yet on the path to any kind of substantive resolution to the troubles we face.

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