Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Clues to Successful Resource Management

So what is the answer to successful resource management? I suggest looking at nature. Nature is the best resource manager we know of. It even manages us! Lets use our abilities of abstract thought and higher understanding to study & participate in nature. 

As a start, and i mean right away, we need to do the following: 

Instead of using the analogy of the dog pack to shape our national resource management strategy (competition as the grail), lets look at the redwood tree or the coral reef (competition as an important footnote). 

We can use keynsian economics to argue over widgets, but not the level of poison in the air. We can use competitive ideals to compel our development of technology, but not in the decision making behind how to use that technology. The competitive part of natural processes that our culture concentrates so much on is actually a lesser part of the bigger resource management strategy of nature. Thats why relying on this competitive spirit to guide everything we do results in a lesser culture than we would like to have. (and lying about how great our competitive school system is, does not make us better educated, it just makes us a bunch of dirty liars)

Let the dog pack thinkers argue and steal and cheat and profit over parts of our economy that can go boom & bust without too much suffering to the lowest class of people in the culture. Always use that as a yardstick to evaluate which processes can be allowed to go to market culture and which processes must be relegated to long term, non-market planning.

This isn't that hard, people, we all intuitively understand it.

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