Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Foreign Policy Proposal

We are an awesome and overwhelming power for good in the world, but we can't keep people from being stupid and violent. We can only help those who want to escape the stupid violence and hope that the violent stupid people will decline.
We should concentrate on the message of:
'we can come and rescue you from violent stupidity and give you a better life in America (or other stable regional power) if you want it'

This would be truly heroic, a lot cheaper, and much more effective. Let our best military minds reorganize our military/industrial resources to try and accomplish this task. Work together with other powerful countries & cultural entities like NATO and the red cross. Refuse to work with powerful non-cultural entities like terrorists and multi-national corporate raiders. Forget about grabbing resources from stupidly violent people as this is historically proven a colossal waste of time and lives and resources.
Train regional powers to help good people escape tyrrany and assimilate those people into the productive culture of their choice. This could result in a huge military industry upside. We might even become the visionary heroes of the world, rather than our current status of bullying policemen.

The military industrial complex is an essential part of organized society, but we do not have to put up with the misuse, waste, and abuse of the current model. Giving them a new mission target and a mandate to reorganize will keep them busy for decades and could bring notoriety back to the organization. It could also bring alot of relief to suffering people around the world.

As for bringing refugees to our country or other stable countries, this is not a problem since America is a nation of refugees and is the strongest human culture ever conceived. We know ho to manage refugees and assimilate them into peaceful productive citizens. Lets just use what we know and export it to the world. Here is something we are very, very good at and it has a real chance to change the world for the better. Use the tools we have in our military industrial complex to achieve a truly heroic goal of getting the intelligent, peaceful people together and letting the violent stupidity play itself out.

The ideas of systematic elimination of the violent stupidty are naiive and unsustainable. In this short-sighted process of elimination we inherently create more anger and violent stupidity. This cycle is self-evident. Let's just admit that it is untenable and move on.

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