Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thoughts on the Middle East

I have never lived in or been to the middle east, but it seems to me that power vacuums in that region get filled fairly quickly by local militias. Every so often there is a conquering force that attempts to unite the different tribal regions. Usually, the conquering force wants control of the resources and/or people. Each region wants to be autonomous, in my opinion, but they can't or won't work together. Uniting them is a lofty goal, but it means a paradigm shift in the thinking of the people, and I do not see that as the overwhelming majority's philosophical position. It is, from my perspective, very sad, and especially tragic to women. Unfortunately, no outside force has ever been able to change the philosophy of the people in the region. This, by the way, was my argument from the beginning when friar bush and his merry band of thieves were trying to convince us that occupying Iraq would by a great way to take revenge for the attacks on 9/11. I think we should leave immediately and stop counting the resources of the middle east as part of our strategic planning. We have plenty of resources here in America and at our disposal in South America, Africa, Europe, Australia, etc. The best way to help the middle east is to give an escape path and refuge to anyone who wishes to leave that society. That’s all we can do. The stupidity of the brutal oppression of women and the subsequent slave/master relationship of the majority culture there will eventually resolve itself. It is extremely wasteful & hubris to pursue any other method of dealing with them. I am sick of seeing the deaths caused by my tax dollars and the correlating decline in our own culture. Adding death and destruction can never result in a positive turn for the middle east.
We can't control the middle east, let's just admit it and move on.

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