Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Conundrum of Industry in America

There are a significant amount of industries falling apart in America. Especially in places like Ohio. What is interesting is that these places supported Mr. Bush. He won by a wide margin, even though his foreign and domestic policies are proven (by recent history) to hurt American manufactured goods. On the other hand, our economy is very strong right now. Its mostly because of the energy and war goods we control and peddle. Do we really want to protect manufacturers/industrial complexes in America? I wonder how much poisonous waste results from the foam making business that your brother is being fired from. Which leads to the next question: Is it ok for US/Japanese/Other corporations to move the manufacturing and industrial parts of their operations somewhere where it is cheaper and the government doesn't mind a little poison? At the end of the day, the two largest consumer nations are USA and CHINA. Which means all products long to be sold in one of those two markets, and there is no better home for your product than in a US market because we buy a lot of stuff at a huge mark up. Who is responsible for the problems of the manufacturing/industrial processes? Who should get the rewards? Are the consumers are responsible for the method of manufacturing and the huge infrastructure that must be built and maintained to service these industrial complexes? Should the corporations who get the benefit of the cheap labor and raw materials have to shoulder some of the responsibility for the damages their processes and products cause? Do the consumers have the right to insist that these processes/products be kept to the maximum standard for human health and harm? In America, generally, we have set a poor example for other countries to look to when it comes to this argument. In general, the american federal/state/local government ends up paying for an unfair amount of the damages caused by these harmful processes and products. The american federal/state/local government also pays for an unfair amount of the maintenance of the infrastructure. What that means is I have to pay and YOU have to pay. The corporations get the profit and we get the privilege of having a job and a safe place to raise our children. That's the American dream. If that's what you want America to be, then George Bush is your guy. His administration is preserving the American status quo by compelling the world to work together to uphold the solvency of our markets (which, by the way, is also in China's best interest because they own about 50% of our national debt and banking industry). Clinton was also your guy. His administration had the same goal. Tough decisions are ahead in the life of our country if we want to remain a leader in ideas, freedom, and justice.

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