Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thoughts on Bushco

It is interesting to me that this administration has no real desire to exact consequences for misdeeds. There have been multiple instances of lying, taking bribes, nepotism, ethical breaches at all levels that have been exposed and yet gone unpunished. I would like to get together a list of punishable offenses of only the Bush Administration officials and appointees who have been proven to have done something unethical and have been punished to compare it to a list who have been proven to have done something unethical and have actually been punished.
I would like to make the point that the class war in America starts with this attitude that if we get caught, there is no consequences, but if we catch you, there are dire consequences. Extending this attitude to our Foreign policy would not be much of a stretch, explaining many quizzical and seemingly unneeded bad decisions.
Unfortunately a leader has the responsibility to police their own people and have the guts to punish anyone who does something unethical. Otherwise, that leader will send the message that it is ok to stretch the boundaries of ethics as long as you don't get caught. When you are the leader of America, this tacit approval extends to the people of the country as well and they will try to get away with all kinds of stuff. It becomes systemic (which we now have proof - look at our banking system or professional sports or our criminal justice system or the media. We live in a world where 24 hours is the shelf life of any lie or news or information. People don't care if you wore a yellow dress yesterday and then came out today saying that yellow is unpatriotic. All they hear is today's message. Why? Because there are no benefits / rewards for remembering what happened yesterday. Only consequences for going against what is happening today.

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