Sunday, October 12, 2008

Different Perspective

i like the idea of combining environmental factors and predisposition into one theory - very smooth. I have always thought of those ideas as polar opposites and i can see how, in a larger context, they could be bedmates.
There is some contradiction in wanting to then think about how could we positively affect the outcome of our civilization. I don't think that it would be possible for us to affect the future under this model because the premise is already set that we are predisposed to do our thing within this giant biological machine.
Mentally, i definitely have trouble with the whole concept because i believe in consequences. Based on my life experience and observing others i have seen positive and negative consequences that are undeniable to me. Within this model we are talking about, there is no morality, no positive and negative, no consequences, no rewards, etc. I really believe that human beings are bound by their actions. I also believe (again based on my experience) that the reactions of others and the condition of our environment are at the very least indirectly related to what we do.
The other interesting thing that occurs to me, just suspending my beliefs for a second and thinking about the possibilities, is that there must then be a purpose for our civilization. This is an intriguing idea that we could be part of a whole that is creating something wonderful and we have no concept of it because of our perspective. Similar to the life of a butterfly where they flit around from flower to flower sucking up the sweet sugary juices (all the while pollenating the plant and making sure the life cycle of the flower is intact). Many butterfly's life cycles are less than a month, so because of their perspective, they would never be able to understand the plant's cycle of the flower closing up, the seed pod forming and dropping to the ground, the seasons changing, the seed waking up and germinating, the oxygen that the plant gives to the atmosphere, etc. The individual butterfly has no idea !
Ok, so back to the point that we must have some purpose. Figuring out that purpose would then be a goal of our race and i definitely agree that we have to have some education and common communication methods in order to keep the information moving on to the next generation, since we have to assume that it might take thousands of years for our purpose to actually come to fruition. Also, i am a believer that education and communication don't get very far without decent nutrition, shelter, and at least rudimentary creature comforts (in that order).
There is another point that i also believe in, which is that we need to be able to provide a wide majority of people with this basic living standard in order to accelerate our civilization and our race.

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