Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Islamic Extremism?

The world we live in now broadcasts injustice 24-7. So much injustice that thereis no way to effectively deal with it all. So much so that we even have disagreements about which things are unjust and which are not.What's funny/ironic is that the same islamic extremism that is attributed to knocking down the towers on 9/11 is also trying to keep people fromowning/walking their dogs in public in one of the more liberated places ofthe islamic world (seems crazy to us, but we have a different culture, valuesystem, etc). Not only funny, but gives us a glimpse into the insanity behind behind the belief system. Also, as you are pointing out, shows some parallels with the fascism which is in the west's past (I hope).What is amazing to me is that it also gives us a glimpse into how that insanity might be losing momentum - especially if dudes with dogs are walking up to chicks in burkas and trying to get their phone number (police be damned). And, more to the point, we have a chance to observe this and process it from our uniquely american perspective. One of my observations is that the people of Riyadh aren't that different from us - especially if the walking dog trick works there too - but that their governing structure is quite different from ours. All of which should serve to lower our fears of this islamic extremism taking over our country where a man could order a beer, hamburger, and a lapdance from the same chair while dressed up in a burka (which to me would also be a funny image, btw). I'm sure the Saudis think we are just as insane, as you pointed out. I betthey laugh at the idea of a spaghetti monster as the creator of all the world being discussed in a high court of law (Kansas). They probably alsowonder about/ridicule our obsessions with wealth and fame, which are'ungodly' pursuits (even by our own christian standards).It is a very different world now with global access to information/misinformation. I have hope that it will begin to progress more rapidlytowards the end of injustice because of this shared access to each otherslives ('hello people!'). Rather than a progression to more paranoia andfascism ('say hello to my little friend').

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