Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Palin & Obama

People like nicknames. They are seen as a term of endearment. Plus Sarah is about the most American sounding name you could have and she named her children with words that Americans can understand. Nobody knows what a Barack is. Americans don't like words and people that they don't understand.Harvard law professors are very rare and we don't trust them. They are always telling us how to think and what to do. Very frustrating and condescending. Most graduates in America didn't graduate from their first college. Most of us didn't even graduate in four years. Mostly because they didn't have any remote chance of going to Harvard with the elites. The electorate also suspects that Barack only went to Harvard because of some affirmative action policy and they resent him for it because they perceive that someone else deserving got turned down to let him in.Community organizers and Senators all have the unintended effect of taking our money and giving it to people who we generally think don't deserve it. We don't trust them. Why don't they teach the community to stand up on its own instead of asking for a handout? Plus we all assume (because of witnessing years of corruption and payoffs) that anyone who has the power to organize people is on the take. The electorate believes that they have to be making dirty backroom deals in order to get the stuff done. Palin is pretty and well spoken with an attitude and a chip on her shoulder. The electorate is filled with people like her (and people who want to be like her) who also believe that they could do a better job as Governor or mayor than the scumbag who is there now. Its not a stretch to understand why she empowers women with her story. Especially lower income women (which these days because of the shrinking middle class and contracting economy are more and more prevalent) who have used their good looks and charm to gain access into higher society. Most young poor girls dream of a day when some rich prince will come recognize their talent and looks and sweep them up to high society. This is a myth told to our daughters to give them hope and Palin has exceeded the dream, not even needing the prince. People understand that. Barack is not part of our folklore. He is part of the folklore of what the electorate believes is a subset of our culture (single mom, unknown origin, worked the system, persevered).People understand hypocrisy in their families and churches, especially parents who have to lie to their children to shelter them from the nasty culture we have. The dichotomy of living in a free society and trying to protect your children is a reality we all live everyday. We also sympathize with others who have not been able to keep the nasty free culture from corrupting their children. The electorate suspects that the Obamas aren't as perfect as they appear to be. Same wife? No problems with the children? We often see these types of families in exposes after the father has murdered his co workers or turned up dead in drag in a gay bathhouse. We don't trust the family down the street that has everything and never gets in trouble whose children are all A students. Again, understand that this is the rare exception in America - not the norm. The electorate suspects that the Obamas will screw up or have screwed up and are just good at the cover up. We all have screw-ups in our family who have embarrassed us. That makes us real. Obamas are not real. We don't know anyone like them. Their family is weird and not to be trusted.Oh and sex education is liberal bullshit to get our children into sex too early. Everyone knows that when you take away the taboo, you take away romance and ruin the culture. Plus it takes away our children's innocence before we are ready to give it up. The culture of denial is very strong in our country. When you try to hit it head on, you find yourself in very unpopular company. Better to stick to denial and repentance like Palin. I agree totally that we have misplaced values, but the sentiment doesn't match up to actual America. The truth is, Americans don't trust successful people who have perfect families. We have to have a candidate to support who is more like us, regardless of the consequences to our government. The presidency is a popularity contest. Republicans know this. Democrats are completely blind to this.

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