Tuesday, October 7, 2008

McCain Thoughts

We know who McCain is now and what he is running for – how else would he be able to get the money to run? Maverick McCain never would have been able to get the funding or support of the party. He’s been siding with big corporate and special interests ever since Bush beat him in 2000. He realized that the public will wasn’t strong enough to beat the will of the corporate masters and he really really wants to be president. Will he keep siding with the corporate masters after elected? Who knows? Will he try to divide the country up and cheat his way in like the Bushies? As long as the public looks the other way, there will be no change – McCain is betting on the laziness and apathy of the American public. That’s a pretty damn good bet. Obama is still a long shot in my opinion. The only reason Obama will get the nomination is because the Demo party is so beaten down that they are desperate. They have tried just about everything they can think of to get the public’s and the media’s attention, but our attention span is too short. Think about it – the Repubs have a plan. McCain was next in line. He is the guy. No worries. People expect him to be the nominee. Its his turn. He’s a good guy. He would make a great president. The Demos have wild contests full of energy, but at the end of the day, they can’t show any kind of leadership, strategy, or planning. Every election cycle its some new program, they are all over the map. Who is Obama? I never heard of him until this year. How do the Dems expect the country to rally around a party that is so confused and convoluted?If it weren’t for the triple whammy of the credit/housing scandal, the price of gas and low consumer confidence, we would all be rolling our eyes and arguing about how Hillary or McBush is the lesser of two evils. Americans don’t want or expect the government to do anything for them unless there is a national disaster or a recession/depression. Americans want to ride around in style on drugs. That’s what we spend most of our lives doing. Next to sleep, driving in cars is the thing we spend most of our time doing. Probably an average of 10% of the American life is spent driving around. What makes driving around in cars better? Pharmaceuticals. As long as we have nice comfy rides, drugs, roads, and places to stop and sleep, what do we care what happens in Washington? We don’t. The only reason we care right now is because our rides and our sleeping places are threatened. By the time the election comes, gas will be back to $2.75 a gallon, McBush will somehow take the credit for it, and Obama will look like the kid in the school yard who got picked last for kickball. I hate to predict it, but we have seen it before so many times now. Somewhere around mid July, things will start to get ‘better.’ It is proven that Americans only have about a 1-3 month attention span for big elections. The Republicans will make their move in the beginning of August, which will cause there to be a bunch of controversy at the DNC Convention. Fun for us here in Denver, but ultimately bad for the Dems who will fail to take care of business. Their party has a critical flaw which has been exploited many times lately. The flaw is they have rule by committee (IE they are more democratic than the Repubs). Committees take time to digest information and react – this is always the Dems downfall in the elections. Exception: Bill C got elected, and I still am amazed. Although, he got elected by making a bunch of enemies over on the Repub/big corporate side. He used negative campaigning, which has now been incorporated into the Repubs strategy. Now they do it better that the Clintons ever did (John Kerry anyone? Anyone? Buehler?) How else could a draft dodging drunken son of an oil family (who also controlled the CIA) get re-elected over a purple heart decorated Vietnam veteran during a time when the country was in a quagmire so much like Vietnam?People who have seen the pattern are getting their bets in right now – when it seems that Obama can do no wrong. The conventional wisdom is saying Obama can win, but watch where the money goes. People aren’t pulling hundreds of thousands of dollars out of their Exxon stock to invest in Capital Solar. No one is liquidating their 10,000 shares of Kaiser, in anticipation of a universal health care system. Who is selling their Blackwater stock? Believe me, if the corporate masters thought we were going to elect Obama, go green, pull out of Iraq, change to universal health care, etc., you would see big money shifting. I don’t believe it until I see the money move. Last month, McBush raised a bunch of money. Obama will not be able to keep raising money, because the people cannot afford to give him 100 bucks anymore. Food, gas, housing costs are up. Now that he is the nominee, people will stop giving money and go back to their lives – I doubt if most of them will even bother to vote. It will be a big surprise to everyone in November when Obama loses – but not to me.

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