Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I am becoming more and more certain that the key to having any success with improving human beings and our cultures is to pay attention to what i call "the fringe." This is the space in our minds and the places we live in which experience progression from good to indifferent, indifferent to poor, poor to bad, bad to worse, etc. THESE AREAS ARE WHERE THE TRUE BATTLES ARE WON AND LOST. It is more and more apparent that if we can have a better understanding and control over the places that are "slipping," we can increase the happiness of individuals and success rate of our species. Of course, success to me and to you are going to be incredibly different things, but that's why we have this innate ability to communicate. My definition for these places on the fringe is as follows: whenever people are hurting themselves or others. The fringe will remain unlimited, even if kept to these simple borders and it will always be a constant reminder of what we become when we forget about consequences.
These theories about making the best better and making the worst disappear are more folly than reality. There is no way of avoiding this fringe condition in human endeavor, and it is the way we deal with it (or ignore it) that makes for better or worse down the road. It is hard work being human, and takes the use of all of our resources (especially the ones which connect us to each other's ideas) just to keep ahead of the fringe.

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