Friday, October 31, 2008

Special Whorehouse (parable)

This whorehouse is special for many reasons, but the most striking consistency is its never-ending stream of loyal visitors. They like to be called Taxpayers. Taxpayers are a special group of people and they are also the best kind of customers for this particular whorehouse. When Taxpayers come to the whorehouse, they work themselves into a frenzy over the establishment’s fine tricksters, and it makes sense, because these are the finest tricksters money can buy. The Taxpayers are characterized by a constant struggle to position themselves on top. In fact, they actually prefer to be on top, so all of the tricksters at the whorehouse just lay around on the furniture to maximize the pleasure for the Taxpayers. Its what they call a ‘win-win’ situation. Taxpayers also like doing all the work, sweating and grunting and pumping themselves to ecstasy. Taxpayers never complain about waiting their turn, and they make certain to pay their fair share everyday, even when they don’t get a chance to swing by the whorehouse because of other distractions. Taxpayers never complain about catching diseases or getting sick from the food, water, and activities available at the whorehouse. Like I said, they are a loyal group and defend their whorehouse access rights to the death. Once in a while, you will get a lazy Taxpayer who wants the trickster to be on top or who refuses to pay. In this case, the whorehouse will graciously give them service and then politely ask them to leave and will not allow them to return without demonstrating a serious change of attitude.
The proprietors of the whorehouse are special too. These people have a different lifestyle from the Taxpayers, but are none-the-less committed to the non-stop operation of the whorehouse. They like to be called the Owners. The Owners have fiercely loyal protégés who keep the tricksters looking nice, the premises clean, the booze flowing, the biscuits fresh and the whorehouse safe from harm. The Owners have full access to the whorehouse and take advantage of that access to their great pleasure. If an owner takes a rare interest in one of the Taxpayers, it is seen as a once in a lifetime opportunity for the Taxpayer to become a trickster. Much to the Taxpayers’ collective confusion, the Owners don’t typically waste much of their time at the whorehouse, though, and tend to spend their well-deserved profits on other endeavors. Many favorite pastimes of the Owners involve high-stakes death-match style competitive sports. There are many versions of these events, too numerous to go into here in a story about the whorehouse. The other curious addiction of the Owners is the accumulation of things and pets. This particular pursuit is (amazingly) of widespread fascination to the Taxpayers and provides endless distraction to both groups.
This special whorehouse also enjoys rigorous inherent protections that stem from its widespread acceptance in society. It has been proven that even when an entity poses a legitimate threat to the whorehouse, it only serves to remind society how much the whorehouse needs to be protected. There are many in the culture who have been disenfranchised by the whorehouse. Some of these will continue try to threaten the whorehouse, but such threats are just distractions. Distractions of enormous magnitude can, temporarily, shut down the whorehouse and are often referred to as ‘Once-In-A-Lifetime” events. As such, they are easily recognized.
The only true threat to the whorehouse and its fine tricksters is the threat from lack of interest, which is, understandably, not possible.

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