Saturday, October 11, 2008

G W Bush Legacy - Top Ten List

*Failed foreign policy resulting in the weakening of US military & diplomatic role in the world.
*Failed economic policy resulting in the weakening of US commerce in the world.
*Failed education policy resulting in the weakening of US people's ability to compete in the world.
*Failed disaster response policy resulting in weakened US ability to assist the suffering at home & abroad.
*Failed housing & taxation policies resulting in a weakened US middle class.
*Failed immigration policy resulting in strengthening the division between cultures inside the US.
*Failed budgetary control policy resulting in the worst budget deficit in the history of the world.
*Failed national security/intelligence policies resulting in unconscionable abuse of US Citizen's rights.
*Failed interrogation policies resulting in devastating human rights abuses by agents of the US.
*Failed communication policies resulting in loss of US credibility in the world and loss of credibility amongst the American people with regards to the Office of the President.

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