Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Free Trade and Energy Independence

Well you can't have both. Not possible. If we move towards American energy independence, we will be putting all of our energy supply in the hands of American companies. This sounds like a great idea and for the most part it makes sense, but lets not forget what Standard oil and the Rockefellers and the Car manufacturers did to our country when they had control of their respective markets.
Main benefits to 'energy independence':
Keeps control of our energy supply with Americans (in theory). Allows us to have a continual national conversation about energy conservation (in theory) and how much energy we have Promotes technology development within the country (in theory) Keeps us from attacking other cultures when we disagree with their level of enthusiasm to provide us with the energy products we want.
Problems of 'energy independence'
How do we keep other countries or financial interests from controlling the companies that are involved in this energy independence? You know damn well that without a strict law saying no outside funding or resources will be allowed to be involved in the energy companies, there will always be others involved. This line of protectionism would basically get rid of any idea of free market and goes against everything we supposedly stand for. Realistically, there would be companies involved with producing our energy products that have multiple interests. There is no way an energy producing company could ever be American owned, funded and operated. The global money supply is too interconnected.
Without market forces, how do we know we are getting the best deal on the energy products? We know we would absolutely not be getting the best deal because we would be a captive market with a minority of people able to control the pricing of the energy products. Unless, of course, we forced (by
law) the companies who are providing the energy products to price their products against some global energy index or some index of GDP. Well that wouldn't be free market at all would it? Realistically, this would never happen, because what company would want to limit its profits in such a way?

This political football of energy independence stinks. It has the stench of bullshit all over it. Drill here or put up solar panels in the desert - it doesn't matter who talks about it, we should all make sure that we don't fall for this sham. There is no such thing as energy independence.
There is only energy dependence. Anyone who tells you they are for energy independence and for free energy markets is a liar.

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